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Number 2 gold candle in a cupcake against a pastel pink background. 2nd Birthday Party Invitation Card. Brilliant balloon number 2 made of realistic 3d helium.
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They are kind-heated, but they never let other people use them. People born on this day are searching for a partner that understands and supports them in everything. They can't imagine love being only a physical aspect, as they appreciate understanding and mutuality the most.

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That is why their sexual desire depends directly on their disposition. They prefer soul over body. Sex is a peak of mutual love and understanding for them, not a simple instinct, but a true manifestation of love. The true happiness for number 2 is spiritual unity with partner.

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Something in common, topics for conversation and mutual understanding are way more important for them than sex itself. Their alliances are especially successful and full of happiness for them if their partner is on the same spiritual level. If they are married to a person who is physically strong but spiritually weak, such relationships will exhaust both sides, and it won't end positively.

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It is indispensable for such people to be valued and understood. The ideas they have should be shared with people who support and inspire them. Their strength is an intellect, so they need people who have the same intellectual level and can support their point of view or explain what is wrong with the idea. It is most of all. They may have different views, but they should have same intellect type. If number 2 experiences hardships during an implementation of the ideas, he or she may become frustrated and confused.

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So the main task for number 2 is to double check everything before doing. A person who inspires confidence and faith is indispensible for a success of a number 2 birthday person. Self-expression in any form of art is a great way to develop skills and to earn money.

I sprinkled the tables with gold confetti. Doughnut walls are currently a big party trend on Instagram, I loved the Ginger Ray one we got from the website literally took 2 minutes to put up and all the doughnuts got devoured!

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Party plates, cups and bowls — you can get them all in the same theme, which makes it so much easier looks nicer. We had Pink Party Ombre plates , Cups we run out so make you sure you get more than enough Napkins , and packs of pink knives, forks and spoons. We had all the cutlery and straws on the table in these lovely gold jars.

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For Ivy cake we had a simple wooden Happy Birthday cake topper that I spray painted Gold, and tall gold candles. You can also get the pink cupcake cases , pink food dye , stackable cooling rack , edible gold glitter , dusting brushes, pink sugar pearls , and gold star cupcake picks all from Hobby craft!

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Next up party bags! A massive crafts table. This was so much for the kids they absolutely loved it and so did the adults.

We went all out with this craft table as Ivy is crafts obsessed so here is everything we had —. Wooden Mask decorating Princesses , Flowers , and Monkeys massive hit!! To stick — PVA glue and spreaders , glue sticks.

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We also had bracelet making for the kids all you need is some white elastic and alphabet beads. Even though I said no more big parties for a while looking at all these pictures of how much fun it was is making me wanting to plan for next year haha. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Search this website. Facebook Instagram Pinterest.