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This will irritate you and become your own enemies. To avoid these small defeats, it's good to be aware of what you say and who …. Because of Mars's fiery nature, the best way to work in groups is to convert your needs with them so that it is a win for everyone.

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Aries is accelerating the pace of life, Crabs get hard financing. Aries is accelerating the pace of life, Crabs get hard financing romania May 10, romania. More on the Journal. Every Monday we are waiting for a general horoscope next week on Sfatulparintilor.

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It continues to be a tense time and intense life. But this is a good way to be busy. Now you are the only sign that blesses the fact that more than ever, you are watching the beauty of everything that surrounds you every day and more and more than ever, you see how much around love and your life. Conflicts, tensions, chaos and instability can also occur in a family home, in relationships with some guests, and there may also be aspects of reconstruction, repair of a home.

But, fortunately, you are in a very good mindset, and you can manage absolutely any problems with skill and success. The key is to never forget the moment that is your long-term goal. Keep track of the worst improvements.

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Watch out for thoughtful actions that only respond with a clear desire. In love, it may be a week that changes everything. Now you seem to be completely focused on money, cash flows, profits, costs. Money comes, money is gone, your mind is still in the money.

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Of course, this means that you will buy beautiful things for you and your loved ones. You are in an excellent position to negotiate financial issues and anything that matters to you, as the planets pump you energy when it comes to your style of communication.

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You will say what you think and you will think about what you are talking about. You strongly identify with your ideas and easily defend yourself. Be careful to manipulate or restrict others to agree with you, because it's not.

Speak delicately but firmly. You continue to look great for everyone because Venus is newly installed in your zodiac where the sun is.

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Good luck! Venus favors your ability to speak and delicate to others. This is a great time for peace with enemies. Automatic is also a great time to enjoy your friends.

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Because Venus will first enjoy the pleasure of work, try to escape from work and have fun. Meanwhile, Mars will make you identify with what you own, which means that you are inclined to think that your value is given by the sum of your properties. This, of course, is crazy. Mahatma Gandhi died in a dressing gown and in a shoulder bowl and still changed the world. What do you value? You are an absolutely precious person, no matter what you have. We all. Do not forget about it. Aries has a full time job, Gemini is fabulous.