Weekly horoscope pisces 4 february 2020

Pisces horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. February 21 to March 6 – Mercury retrograde in your decan can play havoc with your thoughts , communications, Monthly Pisces Horoscope Decan 1.
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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

If single, Pisces, all will be well: expect this new relationship, although unusual, to meet a great many of your previously unfulfilled social and physical needs. Opt for long-term security and predictability here, Pisces: this is not the right time to take on risky relationships or unusual emotional challenges.

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Later this year watch also for loved ones to actively need your continued support and encouragement. A recent series of emotional or family changes may cause others to feel vulnerable, exposed or misunderstood. Be supportive, Pisces: positive romantic gains, newly honest communications and shared creativity will be the result after late August.

Pisces Health Horoscope

A delicate and highly promising year, Pisces: take extra time to reward the emotional progress of loved ones. Just as the natives of the previous zodiac sign, you will be more concerned about your state of health and of your body during this year than lately. You receive astral energy to successfully accomplish your plans in a busy year such as the current one.

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A greater attention for your rest is required because sleep helps your body to regenerate and to recharge energetically. You know, for the most part, what you need to feel supported.

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There are, of course, the basics…food, shelter, love. It may be that you feel a touch of resentment towards someone who seems to be rather pushy, and are looking for a way out.

If so, it may be more helpful to say something and get this out in the open, then whatever is on the agenda can be more of a pleasure than a trial. Simple tasks require simple solutions now, so resist the desire to make things more complicated than necessary.

Pisces and Pisces Ascendant Horoscope 2020

If you and another are working on a project, it can prove a very positive experience, and at times, a frustrating one too. Even so, stay motivated Pisces, as the outcome is not only worthwhile but could lead to new friendships and future opportunities.

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  6. Regarding a more personal goal, an upbeat aspect can see you utilizing a range of resources and making good progress as a result. A travel plan or exciting idea could appeal on an emotional level, so giving it some consideration and sharing it with others might enable you to make the most of it. Be prepared to look at the bigger picture though, as your plan may need modifying at some stage. Believe in yourself Pisces, as an opportunity that could take you out of your comfort zone may be well worth looking into.

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